One of the most effective ways to know what lies beneath the surface of the ground is with the use of a probe. Our rods are used to accurately locate: privies, burried objects or sampling & checking soil consistency.

With a little practice anyone can learn to use one in no time at all.


We manufacture our probes using only the highest quality spring rod material. Our one continuous piece construction is available in lengths up to seven feet. The memory is so good that a twenty foot section bent in a circle will bounce back straight as an arrow. Try that with any other spring rod.


Our probes have been featured  in “American Digger” a national treasure hunting magazine.

Made with a technically advanced metal rod that's superior in rigidity and retention than that of conventional spring steel. It allows our diamiter to be smaller thus making them much easier to use. This makes a big difference with multipal advantages besides making them more effective.


  • Penetrates easier leaving a smaller hole                     
  • Less fatigue                                  
  • More easily used to greater depths
  • Longer life   
  • Greater  sensitivity  
  • Cover more area in less time     
  • Lighter weight
  • Higher sucess rate




 Our probes are 100%welded construction and come with a long lasting carbide ball tip. The welded carbon tips are designed for extra long life and sampling dirt from as deep as the probe is pushed. 

tip.jpg        handle.jpg

 Our probes penetrate easy and are very effective. For general use we recommend four or five foot which are the most popular. Expierenced privy diggers know the importannce of longer probes to "follow-up" so we offer lengths up to seven feet. "Following-up" allows you go deeper to gauage depth and sample. Standard handle width is 10 inches, 3ft. and under is less. The narrow handle allows hands to be placed more over the center of rod making it easier and desgined to be used.


One Ft.               $20

Two Ft.               $25

Three Ft.            $35

Four Ft.             $45

Five Ft.              $55

Six Ft.                $65

Seven Ft.           $75





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Never lean directly over any probe and push with body weight, they can break. Our probes are meant to work with arm motion only and are not to be forced in with the weight of your body.

Always use caution if there's any chance of buried utility lines. Call your local utility locating service if there's any question. 

Never allow bodily contact with the tool if there is any chance that the probe will make contact with an energized source.

We assume no liability for personal injury or property damage as a result of using this tool. Always use caution when using any tool to avoid accidents.

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